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SX Consulting Corner


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Meet Sierra , our surgery guru and coordinator with 6+ years in the cosmetic surgery world. Sierra has personal relationships with the top surgeons and facilities in New York , Miami , Los Angeles, Colombia, and Dominican Republic.

How Does Our Consulting Process Work ?

Consultation   |    Let's go over all of your goals! This includes surgery areas of                                                           interest, candidate assessment , desired shape discussion ,

                                          budget , surgeons , locations

 Pick Your       |    Packages include:

 Package                        Pre op checklist and test guidance

                                              Quote with your preferred doctors

                                              Secure and book your surgery date

                                              Book your recovery house/transportation/personal nurse

                                              Provide you with pre-travel and packing checklist and products

                                              Sierra travels with you and can assist with overnight care

                                              Open communication throughout your entire journey

                                              Post op transportation

                                              Post op massages and after care dietary advice           

1 hr |   $100

Please text/call to book an immediate consultation (404) 383 - 7876

Don't know where to begin , fill out our form and Sierra will contact you !

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